Forests Are Crucial for Life

by Gary
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Published on: 2014/09/11

Forests are crucial to every living things survival upon our spaceship Earth. Without them, our properties will become desert incapable of supporting life. Trees are the interface between the atmosphere that we breathe as well as the land that we stand upon of the woods. While assorted species trees, jointly with herbs, their mycorrhizal associations as well as fungi, shrubs, brambles, fauna, exists as a varied polyculture that’s redundant and resistant to interference.

forest animalsHealthy soil is imperative to any or all life on our planet, and woods composed of deciduous trees are efficient originators of grounds. Utilizing chemistry and the mechanics of their roots to break rocks apart, they can take out and add nutrients with the humic acids. As recyclers of nutriments, trees steward this generation of humus from the tonnage of their decomposing leaves, which makes it accessible for the whole forest. This seasonal cycle of rebirth, development, and passing carpets the forest with the trees detritus, the byproduct of nutritional scavenging from solar energy picking courtesy of photosynthesis deep within the earth, and water harvest from the atmosphere as well as the ground. Collectively these processes redistribute this wealth through the forest in the autumn and winter, sheltering the earth from the possibility of erosion from the cold weather and seasonal rains, in addition to leading the carbon and nutrients which are essential for the soil food web to regernatively create new grounds.

This topsoil that is spongy subsequently functions as an excellent absorbent of rain and dews, letting the forest keep more water into lands, replenishing the ground water table, and to soak up, sink, while mitigating the consequences of flooding. This then replenishes aquifers, streams, and ponds over a long period of time and deminishes the consequences of drought. This forest land is, in addition, essential to the ongoing life of the forest, as it is the rich medium that supports the new sprouting seeds that may become tomorrow’s towering trees. Woods, only through their alleviation of flood and slow release of rain as well as their absorption, lead to our overall economic health in manners that we take for granted. Floodwaters as well as the damage do to bridges, roads, houses and companies, automobiles, and lives are serious occasions that wind up costing actual dollars. Through the continued place of the bulk of our landscapes, we can remove much of this financial risk.

It’s my belief the shortage of trees in the Midwest and plains, in addition to the continued reliance on yearly harvests of soybeans and corn, are both important contributors to the drought that continues to plague the area as well as the shortage of rain. When we consider that food woods of chestnuts and hazels could equal the yearly generation of corn and soybeans, while surpassing the nutritional content of both while constructing and preserving healthy lands in the Midwest and Plains, our present agricultural quests are illogical, both economically and ecologically.

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